The Journey of Film Begins

Welcome to the journey I’ve set myself upon.  A journey to watch as many of the worlds best films that I feel like I’ve been missing out on and documenting my thoughts and nuggets of info along the way to share with others.

I’ve always had a interest in films.  It’s not just watching them (although obviously an enjoyment of sitting in a cinema or in your living room on a sofa for prolongued periods of time is a prerequisite), but also how the films are made and what they’re really about beyond what you see on the surface.  I honestly can’t say I know anything about critiquing films.  I want to talk about them as a normal person would talk about them to their friends so that normal people can understand to or relate to what I’m saying.  I want to find things about films that people may have not noticed, or thought before.  And show that there is so much more to motion pictures beyond the latest block buster.  I want to encourage people to watching films that they may not normally think to watch.

David and myself at the ‘A Monster Calls‘ BFI Film Festival Gala, Odeon Leicester Square, 2016

My interest has only gained more momentum since being with my Partner, David, who I would honestly say is a lot more into film than I am – I aim to catch up as soon as possible!  He used to be a teacher and taught film studies, although he never studied film at all.  His strong ability to teach about film purely stemmed from his passion and interest which he’s developed over the years so he can help others to love and appreciate film too; in the same way he’s doing with me.  Over the past 4 years of us being together, he’s opened my eyes to a lot more of what’s out there and tried to encourage me not to just watch the biggest blockbuster but to think carefully about the films I see.

Life is short, and the majority of the films that I’ve seen were created since I was born!  Some of the worlds best films were created in the 100 years before I walked the planet and I’ve not even seen a fraction of them.  Even with my mum over the course of my life telling me to watch some of the “Old Classics” that she loves like All About Eve, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Fiddler on the Roof and The Miracle Worker, I still didn’t have an interest black and white movies, or anything dated.  I never even gave them a chance – but now that has changed.  It must be an age thing, but I do hope to get my children to appreciate ALL films instead of just whatever is new and for children at the time. (This is, obviously, if I do have children in the future).  I really appreciate my mum trying with me.  Better late than never eh?

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night. — Margot Channing, All About Eve

I’m so intregued by the varying styles of the director and appreciating these differing art forms and I’m slowly learning about the different directors that created the films that I know and love today.  I am also always drawn to how production designers approach different films and come up with the most unique and capturing ways to present the film.  Moulin Rouge, for example, if it wasn’t for the fantastic production design, I’m not sure it would have the same spark that the film does.  One of my all time favourite things is going to the BFI on Southbank, seeing special screenings and previews of films that a regular cinema goer would not see or may not even have heard about.  In particular I enjoy the Q&As with film makers, to hear about the process and their thoughts and how the film came to be.

I do hope you enjoy reading about my journey.  Please let me know if there are any MUST SEE films.  I’ll watch them (either for the first time, or again if I’ve already seen them) and write about them.  Please let me know your thoughts.  The first film I’ll be writing about is All About Eve.

All my love & films,
Jen x