My name is Jennifer Davy and I’m the face behind ‘Have you seen it?’ film blog.

Me, myself and I with a beautiful BAFTA head at the premiere of MISSION CONTROL:  The Unsung Heroes of Apollo.

My love of films has grown over the course of my life but I’ve still not seen some of the older films, some of the best films in the world!  Due to this, I decided to embark on a journey to watch them all.  Not only watching them, but putting my thoughts into words so I can share them with the world in an accessible and personable way.  I have always felt that there is a gap in the film review market.  Reviews and thoughts from ordinary people, those that haven’t studied film or critique films for a living, those who haven’t necessarily seen every top film there is to see.

I hope I can bring you some new thoughts on these films, honestly and truthful about whether a film is for you or not, and whether you should spend a few hours of your life watching it.

Let me know if there are any films you’d like to seem me write about, so I can let you know if they’re worth seeing!

All my love & films,
Jen x

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I’m still working on these lists, but here are some of my favourites:

Favourite films:

  1. Lost Boys
  2. All About Eve
  3. Moulin Rouge!
  4. Isle of Dogs

Favourite Directors:

  1. Steven Spielberg
  2. Wes Anderson

Favourite Actresses:

  1. Kate Blanchet
  2. Naomi Watts
  3. Amy Adams

Favourite Actors:

  1. Gary Oldman
  2. Tom Hardy